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 If you are shopping for a new above ground pool, or replacing an existing pool liner Poolpac recommends ABGAL liners. ABGAL pool liners are made in Australia, using specially formulated .50mm virgin PVC, and contain special UV inhibitors to resist our harsh weather conditions.

ABGAL use unique welding technique on liners - flatter and stronger than a traditional weld, it minimises the appearance of joins, giving a neater and cleaner finish with no loose flaps for algae and dirt to hide in.

With a great range of colours and patterns, ABGAL liners are available to suit any pool - any shape, any size, any brand!

Liner colours for website

  • Strong and durable, with a great choice of colours and patterns.
  • High quality pigments mean colours stay brighter for longer.
  • Wider panels mean less seams.
  • Ultra-violet inhibitors protect the vinyl.
  • Treated to resist algae - no need for scrubbing.
  • Special joins leave no loose flaps or folds inside the pool for dirt to get trapped in.
  • Seams are flatter and narrower than a traditional wedge-weld.
  • Every liner comes with easy to follow installation instructions.
  • Made in Queensland, Australia, by an Australian, family owned company.
  • Warranty – pro-rata for 5 years