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Thanks to a spacious lounger, two cockpit seats and three higher seats, the spacious Corsica can accommodate up to six people. The spa is therefore ideal to enjoy with friends and family. This is possible until the late hours and always while enjoying a drink, thanks to the lighting and the five cup holders in the spa. The many jets in the spa all have a stainless steel finish that gives the spa an elegant touch. Finally, the cockpit is filled with the relaxed sound of a rippling waterfall.

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  • Spa Pool Features

    • 5 Seats
    • 1 Lounge
    • 232 x 232 x 87 cm
    • 50  massage Jets
    • Balboa Controls GS100
    • Starbrite LED Interior light
    • Ozone system
    • 2 KW heater
    • 2-speed Pump 3HP
    • Capacity in litres 1520
    • Dry weight 310KG
    • Everlast floor


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