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In the Mallorca Spa you are provided with all comforts in the spa area. Not only do you have all the space with up to six seats, the spa is also finished with a number of nice extras that live up to the name of the spa. For example, the spa has handy cup holders that colorfully illuminate your glass with atmospheric lighting. The many jets in the spa also have an elegant stainless steel finish. Finally, the spa shell is covered with a safety grip shell that provides the entire spa with a non-slip profile. With this you always get in and out of the Mallorca Superior safely.

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  • Spa Pool Features

    • 5 Seats
    • 1 Lounge
    • 200 x 200 x 84 cm
    • 43  massage Jets
    • Balboa Controls GS100
    • Starbrite LED Interior light
    • Ozone system
    • 2 KW heater
    • 2-speed Pump 3HP
    • Capacity in litres 1280
    • Dry weight 225KG
    • Everlast floor


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