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Activity 2 - 1.52 Deep


* Prices include Cover and GST.

New for 2019 The Passion Activity swim spa.
The Activity is equipped with Passion Spas’ unique River Swim System™ and Current-lift Technology™. Passion Spas is the only Swim Spa manufacturer in the world to offer Current-Lift Technology,enabling the swimmer to remain prone on the water surface at any degree of current intensity. Aqua Rolling Massage is included in one of the three seats.

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  • Spa Pool Features

    • Dimensions: 549 x 226 x 1.52 cm
    • Number of seats: 3
    • Total Massage Jets: 58
    • Turbo Swimjets: 5
    • Floor Swimjets: 2
    • Aqua Rolling Massage™
    • Starbrite Interior LED light System
    • Wi-Fi Ready
    • Hybrid Heating™
    • Bio-Lok
    • Synergy Water Maintenance System
    • Energy Efficient Filtration Pump
    • Capacity: 15000 liter
    • Dry Weight: 16600 kg
    • Current-Lift Technology™
    • Adjustable River Swim System
    Spas come complete with walk on covers.

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