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A striking feature of the Desire are the two lounge seats, Which are located opposite of each other. This does not just only make it possible for one extra person to join in, conducting a pleasant conversation becomes a lot easier as well. Apart from the lounge seats are the comfortable bucket seats, where you are at least as comfortable as in the lounge seats. One of these seats is carried out with the innovative Aqua Rolling Massage, Which provides a complete back massage. Dozens of other types of jets contribute to a blissful hydrotherapy.

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  • Spa Pool Features

    • Dimensions: 274 x 228 x 91 cm
    • Number of Seats: 4
    • Number of Loungers: 2
    • Total massage Jets: 68
    • Aqua Rolling Massage
    • Soft Air Massage System
    • Synergy Water Maintenance System
    • Energy Efficient Filtration Pump
    • Starbrite Interior Led Light System
    • Bluetooth Speakers
    • Wi-Fi Ready
    • Skimmer Bar
    • Hybrid Heating
    • Capacity: 1660 L
    • Dry Weight: 490 KG
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