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Ecstatic Wave


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The Ecstatic is a seven-person spa oasis with all the standard functions of the Exclusive collection and a little extra. It has five seats, a lounger and a levitation bed. The levitation bed is the most innovative spa feature currently available on the market. Both on your stomach and on your back you will get the most wonderful body massage that you can imagine. The Ecstatic now also has the Therapy Wave Zone a massage that massages your back muscles from bottom to top and the Waterfall Massage that relaxes your neck wonderfully. Added functions include an audio system, our Aqua Rolling Massage ™, aromatherapy, UV, Synergy Water Maintenance System and more than 150 therapeutic massage jets. In short, this spa is full of advanced features designed for the best and most relaxing spa experience you can imagine.

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  • Spa Pool Features

    Ecstatic Wave Specifications

    • Dimensions: 305 x 228 x 91 cm
    • Seats: 5
    • Loungers: 2
    • Massage jets: 150
    • Soft Air Massage System
    • Synergy Water Maintenance System
    • Energy Efficient Filtration Pump
    • Starbrite Interior Led Light System
    • Bluetooth Speckers
    • Skimmer Bar
    • Wi-Fi Ready
    • Content: 1650 liters
    • Empty weight: 500 kg
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